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Florida 7"
Side A: Florida
Side B: The Harbor


released June 18, 2014

▲ Credits ▲


Music & Lyrics: OMAKE
Recording / Mixing / Mastering: Davide Barbafiera
Guitar on 'Florida': Andrea Del Bravo
Synths/Keyboards on 'Florida' and 'The Harbor': Davide Barbafiera

Artwork: Mistobosco (www.facebook.com/mistobosco)



all rights reserved


Sherpa Records Milan, Italy

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Track Name: Florida
from the moon
to Florida I will come
it will be
an hard travel
but it will worth
I will cross skies and lands I’ve never seen before
from the moon
to Florida I will come

from the moon
to pick up your tears I’ll come
I will hide all the sadness in your world
If you will fall
then you’ll find me to lift you up
from the moon
to Florida I will come

and the road
it will be a friend of mine
so you girl please stop to cry
‘cause it’s hard to fly with so much rain
and the road
it will be a gentle bed
you can sleep until I will be there
with you

from the moon
to Florida I will come
on a starship,
an armor made of stone
and some tricks and devices
from the space I belong
from the moon
to florida I will come
Track Name: The Harbor
closest harbor, can you hear?
I am lost in this sea
and it seems so great for me
no one sounds, no regrets
nothing hurts, nothing left
for this time just leave me here

and of course, I am scared
but it’s what I deserve
I will learn to face with that
I will take some deep breathe
and then I pray and believe
to some god I’ve never seen

and sometimes I don’t wanna see
the beast that I’m about to be
the world where I am forced to live
the golden cage I’ve made for me

and feel your life just like a tale
by every single sailor man
who tells about wars against seas
and treasures he will never see

someone call the captain, please
I’m drowning faster in this sea
my mother told me “learn to swim”
I’m sorry mom, I’ll do in heaven
where everything will finally
be so simple and so sweet
Don’t worry love, we’ll be together in heaven

coast guard cutter go away
I am fine, please don’t stay
I will find my very own way
to reach your Lord
and when I’ll be there
I’ll report you’ve been great

‘cause everything was mine it’s floating free now
I am free now